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Concrete Foundation Work in Concord

Concrete Foundation Concord North Carolina

When undertaking construction projects, there is a lot to consider for the project to be a success. Whether you are erecting a residential or commercial building, laying a strong foundation is a key feature of your project to invest it wisely. The foundation of your home plays a greater role than just holding the building in place. It keeps the building warm, keeps moisture out, and resists any kind of unexpected movement.

When installing your home foundation or that of a commercial building, expertise is paramount. This is not a simple project that you can do-it-yourself. You may have construction skills, but this project is best left to the professionals. Here is where Concord Concrete Services comes in and liberate you from many construction anguishes.

We are located in Concord, North Carolina and you should not have any qualms contacting us for the best concrete services. Our expertise in concrete foundation work is impeccable and incomparable. We have, over the years, satisfied the needs of our large clientele that is mostly middle-aged to older demographic.

The Services We Offer

If you reside in Concord, NC, and its surroundings, don’t have any doubts requesting a quote from us. Our core concrete services include;

Slabs and Foundations

When we say “we are the best” we live to our standards. Our slab foundation work is unparalleled as we follow the right construction standards and procedures. We ensure we install interior and exterior foundations and slabs that will provide long-lasting and superior performance.


We design driveways of all sizes and make sure they are durable enough to meet your needs for many years after installation. We ensure your driveways are also reinforced with proper thickness and finished to suit your aesthetic values.

Concrete Patio

Whether you are looking for a raised concrete patio decks or a stained concrete patio, we are well-acquainted with such projects and we will meet your needs. If you are also looking for concrete patio repair or extensions, we are here to serve you.

Concrete Pouring

Many people find concrete pouring challenging whenever undertaking concrete flatwork. Visiting us at Concord Concrete Services is the best decision to make even if you are looking for experts to repair or build your storage shed pad. Our concrete pouring machine are the latest model in the market and is reliable for any construction project.

Why Us?

Our concrete services are our pride, but there are few other things that make us stand out in the construction sector and the region. We are;

Licensed and Bonded – Concord Concrete Services is a bonded and licensed concrete contractor ready to serve you without any uncertainties. And you should not have any worries when hiring our services. We are committed to this profession and more than ready to serve you.

Team of Experienced Contractors – We have a team of qualified, experienced, and professional trained contractors who are well-acquainted with varied construction projects. We can handle all concrete projects with much ease and under minimum supervision.

Trusted and Recognized – We are a favorite in Concord, North Carolina, and its surroundings. Our new and existing customers trust our services and they recognize our expertise, consistency, and quality craftsmanship.

Hire the Best Concrete Service Provider Today

If you are looking for commercial and residential concrete installation and repair services, look no further than Concord Concrete Services. We not only offer budget-friendly services but also offer our esteemed customers free quotes for all services. Give us a call today via 980-291-9687 for a free consultation and find out what more we have in store for you.