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Beautiful residential concrete patios in Concord

If you are looking for a way to customize and style your space, consider providing elements specific to your place of residence. Although many people are familiar with residential concrete in terms of exterior walkways or sidewalks, concrete has more potential than just the exterior of your home.

Not sure? No problem! Residential concrete has come a long way. It is no longer limited to normal gray color or basic patterns or finishes. Colors now have more depth and variation, making them perfect for a variety of projects. If you are looking for ways to customize your home, consider hiring Concord Concrete to achieve the following ideas:


This is really becoming a popular way to implement the use of residential concrete. Instead of choosing more expensive slabs, concrete can be used to create unique patterns and designs. You can even add your own elements to the concrete – small stones, antique silver, pearls etc. – to make a piece that will show all your favorite items. Then apply a sealant to maintain your style for decades.


Choose a few different shapes (or create your own) and create custom graphics to fit your style. The concrete mix can be added with some colored pigment to make it even better fit your room.

Wall Treatment

It may seem extremely difficult to use concrete for the interior wall treatment. Properly applied, however, concrete is ideal for back splashing. Cellar basements and concrete floors are common, but you don’t have to stick to flat gray floors without any style. Choose a color or pattern for your basement floor and enjoy a concrete floor that shows what you love.


As crazy as it may sound, with a little creativity and research, you’ll find that you can create a concrete sink that complements the minimalist style and country chic charm.


Let’s not forget the usual use of concrete! Concrete is one of the proven materials for building a chimney. After all, it lasts for years and requires minimal maintenance.


For outdoor or indoor use, many homeowners produce furniture made of concrete and custom shapes. Conclusion For homeowners who want a more natural look and choose stone or brick, embossed concrete is recommended. Perforated concretes would involve pressing the mold against the concrete before curing it. Once the concrete is defined, colors are applied to create a colorful and artistic mix of colors and patterns. This process is affordable and durable, making it a preferred option for many resident owners.

Decorative concrete surfaces can enhance any home. Not only does the floor look nice, but it is also easier to clean and cheaper than using other landscape materials such as paving stones and asphalt. If you choose a decorative concrete, find out about the different types of surface coatings you can use. Stamping, dyeing, acid-staining, water-based, coating, polishing and embossing are some of the procedures that can be used. For those planning to renovate their homes, decorative concrete can make the terraces, pathways, and pool edges look beautiful and modern at no extra cost.

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